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The classic Bassett Racing Wheel D-Hole center design is combined with our 14" and 15" diameter lightweight spun form rim shells and available in a variety of widths from 7" to 14" wide. Bassett produces the strongest, lightest and truest steel wheel shells on the market using its two in-house CNC metal spinning lathes.
Lightweight and low runout (under . 030") thanks to spun-form wheel shells produced in-house
Reinforced torque ring and forged coining on center increases durability
The 5/8" valve stem hole is located behind the center to avoid clipping
Larger D-holes are designed to facilitate handling and lower pit stop times
NOTE: For easier tire mounting, these wheels do not have a tire safety bead.

Bassett 5x5, 15x10, 4in Backspace, Silver

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