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Easily build your own shift lever that's perfect for your application!
We've machined the tough parts for you and supplied you with a long enough piece of bent DOM tube that you can build whatever length or offset shift lever you need for your project. Cut your tube to length, weld the ends up, and bolt up your new masterpiece.
 Material - 3/4" (.750) DOM Tube
 Long Straight - 17"
 Short Straight - 7"
 Overall Length - 24"
 Bend Angle - 45deg
 Components made from 1018 steel
 Lower spud bolt spacing will accommodate  7/8 " to 1"
Finish off your install with a JOES Shift Boot (16551) or Lightweight Shift Knob (16022)

DIY Shifter Kit

SKU: 17011
  • 758891984212
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