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MSD 6ALN Ignition Box, Extreme Duty 6ALN, Analog, CD Ignition, Multi-Spark, 45000V, Rev Limiter, Weathertight Connectors, Each

These MSD 6TN and 6ALN ignitions are the ultimate choices for superior performance in harsh racing conditions. With sturdy vibration mounts and CD circuits encased in a clear 2-part silicone elastomer, they are virtually vibration-proof. A specially designed, weathertight, 6-pin connector meets NASCAR's 20-6.1 ignition wiring rule and provides a tight, positive-locking connection with individual seals to keep dirt and moisture from each connection. The 6TNs are equipped with a special 4-pin connector that plugs directly into an MSD soft touch rev control, while the 6ALNs have a built-in rev control. These rev controls are adjustable with plug-in modules and will save your engine from overrev damage caused by missed shifts or driveline failures. They'll work with virtually any 4, 6 (even-fire V6 only), or 8-cylinder engines.

MSD 6ALN Ignition Box

SKU: MSD6430
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