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JOES Pro 1 Aluminum Race Jack is a high-quality jack that is designed to withstand the demands of short track racing. It is manufactured in the USA using high quality materials that are machined to exact specifications and tight tolerances. We assemble, inspect and test each jack to make sure it meets our high standards and when you use it you will agree that it is one of the best jacks on the market. We stock all replacement parts in case there is an issue and we can service our jacks to keep them functioning like new.
 Made from quality USA materials
 Weight: 35.00 lbs. with handle
 3000 lbs. capacity
 Self bleeding system
 Sealed hydraulics, no vent needed
 Dirt Wings available
*Purchase your new Pro1 Race Jack and Dirt Wings on the same day and we'll assemble them for free!
 Saddle height 3 1/2"
 1st pump 6 1/2"
 2nd pump 9"
 3rd pump 11"
 4th pump 13"
 5th pump 14 1/2"
 6th pump 16"
 7th pump 17 1/2"

Pro1 Race Jack

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