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JOES Rear Mount / Trailing Arm Bracket has been updated with a keyway to make locating the mount even easier and to prevent the mount from rotating on the axle tube. Simply Locate your rear end, slip the key in place and weld the key to the axle tube. Then use the Rear Mount Installation Kit (11475) to drill and tap the axle location and you are done.
JOES superior design allows you to get your mount closer to the tire for maximum control.
Designed for 3″ diameter axle tubes
Axle centerline to shock mount measures 6⅝” vertically
Trailing arm mounting hole centerline to edge of shock mount spacer is 4¼”
Shock stud is threaded in to a press fit steel boss
Shock stud is ½” diameter
Caps must be torqued to 80 ft lbs.

Rear Mount

SKU: 11402-B
  • 615339111145
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