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JOES high-capacity 40 amp switch panels are sealed with rubber boots to keep out moisture and dirt. They work great for both asphalt and dirt racing.
Panel dimensions: 5" x 3 1/2"
Switches: Flip-up aircraft style ignition switch, start button, 1 accessory switch with lights
Click HERE for switch panel wiring diagram
 Aluminum switch panel is laser cut, anodized and laser etched for a clean, durable, and weatherproof finish
 Aircraft style Ignition switch cover makes it easy to turn off the ignition in an emergency
 Silicone rubber switch and/or starter button covers keep dirt, debris, and moisture out
 Includes high-capacity switches (20Amp @12 Volts)
 Can be panel mounted or clamped to a five different roll bar tube diameters using our panel mount brackets and clamp reducers
 Pre-wired for easy installation with common electrical tools

Switch Panel, Ignition, Start, 1 Accessory w/ Lights

SKU: 46105
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