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JOES Racing caster camber gauge adapters mate with your precision gauge for accurate alignment and chassis setup. They are precision-machined for true results and attach to your front wheels and to the gauge, allowing you to process both the caster and camber tilt readings. Whether for your daily driver or your race car, correct alignment is important and necessary. Let JOES Racing caster camber adapters assist you for the best performance.
 Kart threads -  5/8 -18
 GM threads -  3/4-20
 Ford Pinto threads -  3/4-16
 Wide 5 and 5x5 are the same adapter
 Magnetic Adapter is for JOES 5x5 hubs with tapped dust covers and works with Steel Disk P/N 28025

Wide 5, 5x5 Caster Camber Adapter

SKU: 28015
  • 615339121830
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