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Wilwood XR Race-Only brake fluid is the same extreme high-temperature fluid formula used in the most demanding race series including Formula 1, World Rally Championship, FIA World Endurance, and Moto GP. XR brake fluid is formulated to deliver the absolute best, most consistent pedal feel, start to finish, even in the most adverse racing conditions. Laboratory testing indicates XR Race-Only brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 645 degrees F/340 degrees C thanks to a proprietary blend of high-performance polymer electrolytes and borate esters. This polyglycol-ether-based non-DOT4 fluid combines the lowest compressibility, lowest moisture affinity, and highest resistance to aeration of any brake fluid available. Each premium metal can with airtight safety seal ensures fresh, clean fluid upon opening.

Wilwood XR Race-Only Brake Fluid

SKU: WIL290-16353