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Features of Our Fire-resistant Nomex Balaclava
We have developed our balaclavas to offer amateur and experienced racers alike a number of attractive benefits. And we've made these benefits available at an incredibly affordable price. These benefits include:
SFI-approved for competition
Reverse stitched for added comfort
Provides extra protection in the event of an accident
Keeps your helmet clean and sweat-free
Meets SFI compliance for competition eligibility
If you race karts or racecars, we cannot recommend our Nomex balaclava enough. For auto racers, it can enhance your protection in the event of an accident and guard against the risk of fire; for karters, it can keep your head comfortable and dry. Though this may seem like a trivial thing, it's anything but; any discomfort or distraction on the track can hinder your performance. Our Nomex head sock can help reduce or wick away sweat, keeping you relaxed and your helmet clean. We think that the decision is an easy one order our single-layer, fire-resistant Nomex balaclava today.

K1 Single Layer Nomex Reverse Stitch FIA Head Sock / Balaclava - Black

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