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KIRKEY RACING 37 SERIES ADJUSTABLE 600 MICRO SPRINT CONTAINMENT SEAT KIT Designed for 600 Micro Sprints, Mini Sprints.(For 270 Micros see 40 Series KIT) Available in five (5) sizes 12", 13", 14", 15" 16". Unique 3 part design for maximum vertical customization. Seat has 3" of vertical torso and shoulder height adjustment. Head restraint has 2" of vertical adjustment, 1-1/2" of lateral adjustment. Head restraint has ½" horizontal adjustment so Right Head Pad can be moved closer to helmet. Head can be rotated down for additional peripheral vision. Constructed of .080" 5052 grade aluminum. Lap and sub belt openings have rubber grommets to eliminate belt wear. Accommodates all head and neck restraints. Special cut out bottom for 250/270 available See 40 Series KIT. High impact Low Rebound pad on bottom, ribs and shoulders. Energy absorbing comfort pad on cover bottom and lumbar area. Head restraint has 1-1/2" impact absorbing padding on both sides. Comes with black cloth cover. Comes with 99216, 1" C-Clamps for additional head restraint support. 270 Micro Sprints use 40 Series KIT.

Kirkey Seat Kit - 16" 10 Degree Layback Containment & Black Cover

SKU: 37160KIT
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